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Asian Greens

Mustard Ruby frills

Nice red, frilled leaves, better color when the temperature is lower.

Mustard Green Frills

Attractive, shiny, finely frilled leaves. Very tolerant in the handling.

Mizuna Nagoya

Very stable selection of Mizuna.

Mizuna Red Feather

Red frilled leaves with more body than the ruby frills.

Mizuna Deep Red

Red, strongly serrated leaves.

Mustard Red Giant

Very stable selection of Mustard Red Giant.

Tatsoi Osaka

Very stable selection of Tatsoi.

Pakchoi Hanakan

Pakchoi with relatively strong leaves in the young stage. Strong green stems.

Tatsoi Shiny Sun

Very attractive red, shiny color, with firm stems and late bolting.

Red Russian Kale Standard

Grey green, frilled leaves. Suitble for mixed salads and in Wok.

Red russian Kale Red Army

Red Russian Kale selection with deep red leaves.

Sorrel Red Lobster

Sorrel selection with deep red nerves.

Garneth Red Amaranth Standard

Very intensive red color. With a mild flavour.

Red Beet Detroit 2

Argenta’s best possible selection of Detroit 2.

Red Chard Standard

Argenta’s best possible selection of Red Chard.

Bulls Blood Der Stier

Der Stier is the best available Bulls Blood in the market. Uniform red color in all weather conditions.

Wild Rocket Toro

Fastest growing variety in the market. The first to be harvested. Very reliable and strong. Good taste. Suitable for year round production.


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