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Bunching Onions

Bunching Onions Robben F1

Allium fistulosum. Robben F1 is the best choice during milder and hotter periods. Very dark green and very healthy. Preferred variety by organic growers.

Bunching Onions Ribery F1

Allium fistulosum. Ribery F1 is the best choice during the coldest period of the winter. Early, fast growing variety with high cold tolerance. Easy cleaning. Upright, dark green and stable.

Bunching Onions Ronaldo F1

Allium fistulosum. Ronaldo F1 is a nice new combination of fast growing with high temperature tolerance. Even more heat tolerant than Robben

Bunching Onions Marjolina

Allium fistulosum. Marjolina is a very successful and reliable bunching onion from the Allium fistulosum type without bulb building. A versatile salad onion with strong, healthy dark blue-green leaves. Marjolina has a long shaft and a very upright habit. The variety is very uniform and suitable for summer and autumn crops.

Bunching Onions Romario

Allium fistulosum. Romario is most comparable with Marjolina. Reliable, healthy and easy cleaning. Improved shelflife quality.

Bunching Onions Maradona

A. cepa x A. fistulosum. For the colder areas of the Meditaranean countries this interspecific cross of Allium cepa with Allium fistulosum is the best choice. Maradona shows the best combination of cold tolerance and very nice upright leaf habit. Maradona is by far the fastest developing variety in the market.

Bunching Onions Red Delight

Allium cepa. Beautiful, attractive, red bunching onion variety with high round bulb. The color maintains well after cleaning. Easy cleaning.

Bunching Onions Tonda Musona

Allium cepa. Very cold tolerant variety for bunching onion crops through the winter.


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