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Cucumber Bettanis F1

Bettanis F1 is a very fast growing and ripening single (sometimes 2) fruited variety for early spring and late autumn crops. Fruit size 16-18 cm . Very productive variety. Bettanis is less generative than Farage, but the variety shows an extremely easy fruit setting and a very fast development of plant and fruits.

Resistances: IR: Px

Cucumber Farage F1 (CM 2608)

Farage nF1 is a semi multi fruited variety for spring and autumn crop in the Middle east and East Europe. Fruit size 16-18cm. Very productive variety with generative plant habit. Predominantly 2-3 fruits per node.

Resistance: IR: CYSDV

Cucumber Zara F1 (CM 2664)

Beitalfa variety with predominantly 2-3 fruits per node. Hybrid for the early spring/late autumn segment for Middle East crops. Zaza F1 makes a strong open plant with small leaves .Very productive variety that recovers easily. Fruitlength a round 17-19 cm.

Resistances: IR: CVYV/CYSDV

Snack Lunch Box F1

Lunch Box F1 is a so called snack cucumber. This very uniform and productive variety produces dark green fruits from about 9-10 cm length. Lunch Box is mores suitable for spring crops.It makes 2-3 fruits per node.

Snack Gurkini F1 (CM 2544)

Gurkini F1 is a so called snack cucumber. This very uniform and productive variety produces dark green fruits from about 8-9 cm length. The strong, vigorous plant can be used in both winter crops and summer crops. Gurkini makes 2-3 fruits per node.

Dutch CL 2434 F1

CL 2434 F1 is a long cucumber for mid late winter season crop in Meditarenean area. The strong open plant habit and the perfectly straight, dark green fruits with beautiful sutures and good firmness and shelf life makes CL 2434 the best possible choice.

Resistance: IR: Px

Slicer Varenne F1

Varenne F1 is an American Slicer type with nice long fruits from around 22-25 cm length. Most nodes give 1 fruit; sometimes 2. Varenne is the best choice for spring and autumn season in Meditarenean climate, but alsof or a short winter crop in the milder areas like Culiacan and Agadir. Very strong against puffiness. . Very straight dark green fruits, with low number of spines.

Resistenties : HR Ccu IR CMV/ CVYV/ Px

Slicer Ambriz F1

Ambriz F1 is a slightly shorter American Slicer type with extremely good shelf life. Fruit length around 20-22 cm. Most internodes give 1 fruit; sometimes 2. Ambriz is the best choice when long transports are needed. Plant is very strong for late autumn plantings in Meditarenean areas and for real winter crops in the Middle East and Mexico.

Resistenties : HR Ccu IR CMV/ CVYV/ Px

Gherkin CM 2689 F1

Spined gherkin for spring/summer production. 1-2 fruits per node. Best quality for processing


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